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Peterson Industrial Products has been assembling custom industrial hose and fittings since  since 1948. We can assemble custom hose with fittings, and ship the same day. Our custom hose fabrication services include:

  • Pressure Testing and certification of fabricated hose assemblies.

  • In house testing, repair, certification and calibration of grease pumps, oil mist units, and metering guns.

  • Hose and fittings kits are available

We also provide on site visual hose and fittings inspections - we can assist in determing the ideal hose replacement for your worn hose.


We are also a Gates Certified Hydraulic Assembly Fabricator. We are authorized to fabricate custom hose and fitting solutions for your specific needs.

Our trained customer service associates and experienced engineers are available to help guide you through this process and provide the information you need.


We have the expertise to fabricate your specific hose assembly to meet your industry specific requirements . We meet local, state and federal rules and regulations in the fabrication and use of hose used in food processing. 

We use products from FoodMaster, Sani-pure, MasterFlex, and Kanaflex for our food processing assemblies.


We are a leader in the Pacific Northwest in providing custom metal hose assemblies to industry. More Information>>

Email or Fax your specifications

A well trained staff of outside and inside personnel are available to help engineer the products you need to complete your job on time and at the most cost effective price.
We look forward to serving you in the future -

1-800-452-1045 or 503-222-9446

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